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Music For Advertising

Captain Music will work with you to create unique and catchy music to help your brand stand out from the others. We don’t use stock beds or overused clichés. Every note of ORIGINAL MUSIC is designed to capture the qualities and character of your product or service and deliver it to your target audience.

From 10-second audio logos to fully produced radio spots, each jingle includes our 1-YEAR EXCLUSIVE USE LICENSE for use anywhere in the United States. No other jingle house in the country offers this low-cost exclusive coverage.

Audio Logos

If you hear a duck quack and think of an insurance company, if you know the ingredients in the big burger from the biggest fast food burger chain, or if you know the type of chip that’s in your computer when you start it up, then you know what an Audio Logo is. It’s a mnemonic branding device that instantly identifies your product by your target audience.


Jingles can be full songs or parts of songs, with or without lyrics.

Music Beds

Captain Music original music beds create a mood producing  soundscape for your voice over content.

Fully Produced Radio Spots

Successful branding requires a consistent sound. By giving the jingles to individual radio or tv stations to have their jocks record each individual spot you are giving up a consistent sound that is essential for successful audio branding. Captain Music can produce each individual spot during your ad campaign to give you a consistent voice-over, sound, music and production quality. Our vast catalogue of experienced voice over actors will help you find the sound that will enhance your branding.